I remember when I needed my car towed. It was a pitch black night, no moon and the stars covered by clouds. My car froze up as I was driving down the highway; I couldn’t do anything but drift off into the median. I called my roadside service; they said the driver would be there in over an hour. I sat there, cars whizzing by, unsure if I was safe or not.

The driver finally showed up 90 minutes later and wasn’t happy about having to get me. He was incredibly rude to me and wouldn’t let me ride in his cab. I had to find a friend who could come pick me up at 10 pm on a Sunday night. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had with a tow company.

That’s why when I got home I started looking up reviews for local tow companies and found Vehicle Towing Company. They were a small company and had one very good review. I knew that they must be hard-working people as they need customers. Their review was great and they offered affordable pricing. And now I know why; when I needed to be towed the next time, I gave VEHICLE TOWING COMPANY a call.

They showed up sooner than I had expected and the driver had a great attitude. They know that needing a tow truck is stressful on its own, and they did their best to not add to my frustration. They had my car on the truck in no time, and the driver had no problem with me riding with him. The Des Moines Towing Company was fast, respectful, and best of all, my insurance plan covered the expense.

It’s nice to know that a quality towing company still exists. Unlike those other towing companies, this towing company is the one I can trust. I know they will take care of me every time I need them. They’re faster, cheaper, and far more professional than any other towing service I’ve used. I can’t see any reason to use anyone other than Vehicle Towing Company. Most towing services just want your money. But this extraordinary company wants to see you get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

If you need your car towed, you need to call this Des Moines Local Towing Company. I can personally vouch for how well they treat their customers. With so many bad towing services out there, it’s refreshing to find one that takes your needs seriously. Don’t use just anyone to tow your car; call Vehicle Towing Company. You can find them at  With great drivers and even better service, you won’t regret using the company that cares.

Seeing a tow truck is rarely a good thing. It usually means there’s been an accident or an improper parking. Rarely are people excited to see a tow truck, even though they desperately need it. That’s why I would like Vehicle  Towing Company to continue offering the same …

Families and Communities

Families and Communities

Whenever I would turn on the news I would always wonder why one person’s neighborhood would have such horrific stories, and then others would have such uplifting events happen. The kind of situation you see in a Hollywood movie, where everyone in the community would rise up and stand together; to face a common struggle as one.

I began looking beyond the initial camera shots. I started to look at the communities themselves, at the people that surrounded the reporter and the crew. And I began to realize that it was the families that made up the communities that mattered. The ones living there together are what determined the sort of community and what events occurred there.

The communities that were in disarray, with trash and graffiti, were usually the ones that saw break-ins and muggings, and worse. But the ones that kept everything well, everything in its place and meticulous; those were the ones that more than likely had pride. Those were the communities that treated their home as being more than just four walls and a roof.

At first I wondered if this was a matter of affluence; after all, gated communities are usually able to stay fairly safe. But even the poorer neighborhoods could avoid strife by working together. Income had nothing to do with how everyone treated their neighbors. How they were willing to help one another on a daily basis in some capacity. And when I would see the on-screen interviews, I would always see a family that stayed close through thick and thin.

It was evident to me at that point that strong communities are groups of strong families. A community became one large family of multiple ones. No matter what happened, they all treated each other as aunts, uncles, nieces, grandparents. Despite how wealthy or poor they were, a community of strong families was the difference between tragedy and overcoming obstacles. These were not the communities that had allowed crime to creep in and take up residence. These were the families looking out for everyone else’s to make sure that their community stood strong. They made sure that when one came home to their family, everyone else could as well. A community is not about wealth or HOA rules or restrictive covenants; it is about the different families sharing their values with each other. It’s about forming one big family from the many.…

A Friend Can Play a Role Greater than that of a Sibling

A Friend Can Play a Role Greater than that of a Sibling

I remember meeting Marcia for the first time at work. She was still being shown around and trained on the day-to-operations, nervous yet cheerful. I remember being introduced to her, her voice squeaky and her grip soft as she was unsure of what she was doing there. There was something there beyond the fear, however. Past the nervousness and sweaty palms was a stranger who felt more familiar than most of the people I worked with on a daily basis.

Over the following weeks we would occasionally take breaks together and although I can be just as shy and awkward, we found conversation flowed easily between the two of us. We shared many hobbies and interests and we quickly bonded over a short period of time. It wasn’t long before we eagerly exchanged numbers to text and messaged each other online. Even though ours was a budding friendship, it felt like we had known each other a long time.

I changed jobs and she moved up and we drifted apart for a while. We would message each other now and again, but we just couldn’t make our different schedules work. Then we found out we had both experienced some bad relationships and work experiences, and we began exchanging advice and support. It wasn’t long before we picked up right where things had left off, as if not a day had gone by without speaking.

We had begun seeing hanging out together, doing everything and nothing together. We would make each other laugh and be there when one of us began shedding tears. We would rant and vent and joke and send each other dumb pictures we found on the Internet. For all of our differences, each day we seemed closer and closer. And that’s when I realized you don’t have to have the same mother to meet your sister.

I am not an only child. I have a biological sister, in fact. But over the years her ambitions and own life has kept her from remaining as close as we once were. But Marcia and I, we quickly became inseparable. Despite living 45 minutes away from each other, we spend most days texting and laughing and we see each other when we can. We were more than just old coworkers, and we had grown closer than just simple friends. We had found something that was even better than having a sibling; we had found each other.

Have you had any similar experiences with your friends? If so, comment bellow.…

Love of a Mom to Her Kids

Love of a Mom to Her Kids

One of the most stressful questions I ask myself on a daily basis is am I a good mother? Lord knows I try, but you see article after article online about five things “good” mothers should do and things our moms did that we shouldn’t. Articles about how spanking your kids make them sociopaths but “not spanking” your children, has led to a group of entitled, “Millennials”. About how I’m a bad mom if I feed them organic foods but how if I spend too much working and cooking I’m missing out on bonding.

I honestly don’t know if I can answer that question. What I do know is I love my children. I know that I will always take the burnt toast or the cold pancake so they can have a nice breakfast. Or how I’ve stayed up all night when they caught whatever bug is going around at school patting their back as they sit over the toilet. I’ve let my gray hairs go another day without coloring so I can make sure they get picked up from soccer on time.

I don’t know if I’m a good mother, but I know I try my best. I know that I try to show my family the same love and care that my mother showed me. Despite the crying and shouting and temper tantrums and hormones, I show up every day trying to make their life the best it can be. And I do it because I love them. I may not always have what I want and I may make sacrifices, but in the end it’s worth it to me to know that they get to have a little something extra every day.

My mother taught me there’s nothing more precious than the gift of a mother’s love. It’s something that can be taken for granted because it seems like it’s always there. But one day it won’t be. That’s why even on the hard days I still find a little more love to give to my family. Because I know I won’t always be there to give it to them. I would rather give them more now than regret not giving more than I could have. And I give them that love because I want to; because a good mother never stops loving her children. So I may not be a good mom according to those articles, but I do try to be because I love them.…